Neuro-ophthalmology Unit

The area of ​​neuro ophthalmology and neurology diagnostic and therapeutic approach and second neurological expert opinion of patients with symptoms such as double vision (diplopias), loss of vision, pupillary abnormalities and palpebrales acquired, eye pain or orbital, visual hallucinations, strabismus is performed, …
Diagnostic and therapeutic approach and second expert opinion neurological patients with:
double vision (diplopias)
Vision loss
palpebral and pupillary alterations acquired
eye pain or orbital
visual hallucinations
facial paralysis
Detailed clinical history.
neurological examination and neuro-ophthalmological regulated.
Application and evaluation of additional studies come (in cases where they are needed) with almost immediate availability of the same.
Prognostic evaluation.
detailed clinical report
Individualized treatment planning in its various forms, namely:
Decision individualized treatment of causes and / or symptoms
Evaluation of Interventional treatments (nerve blocks, injections, botulinum toxin ,, …) in specific cases.
Assess the need for hospital treatment in day or income.
periodic monitoring in consultation with the rate set visits to each particular situation.
multidisciplinary approach through joint discussion with specialists from other services when indicated.
Acute conditions requiring diagnostic approach, clinical observation or immediate treatment.
Transient loss of vision in one eye
Loss of binocular vision.
Suspected low flow fistulas
Day hospital
Evaluation of patients requiring acute treatment without hospitalization.
Patients with optic neuritis.
Síndromed of Tolosa Hunt.