The gait disorders are complex and require detailed neurological evaluation. Many neurological and other diseases due to bone involvement or joint can modify our way of walking.
Since Parkinson’s disease some vitamin deficiencies such as B12 may be accompanied by problems vagrancy. The evaluation must be extensive because many of them have a specific treatment. Neurologists try to frame their alteration within this group:
cerebellar ataxia
Bruns frontal ataxia or gait apraxia
Ataxia or vestibular imbalance
Sensory ataxia, cordonal Tabetic up or ataxia
Intermittent claudication
posthemipléjica Hemiatetosis
Small steps up Déjerine and Pierre-Marie
Anserina up or Myopathic
antalgic gait
conversive Marchas
choreic up
dystonic up
spastic gait
hemiparetic up
paraparética up
paretoatáxica up
March paretoatetósica Little or cerebral palsy typ