Advanced Clinical Neurology

The area of ​​clinical neurology specialist is responsible for patients with acute and chronic neurological disorders assessment. It offers the possibility of realizing in patients admitted in charge of the unit or outpatient clinic.
Evaluates patients with:
Stroke (stroke, bleeding)
Epilepsy and loss of consciousness
Multiple sclerosis
neurological dysphagia
Disorders of taste and smell
Gait disturbance and cerebellum
Loss of strength
Neuropathic pain
Potty training problems neurological cause
posttraumatic neurological problems
Neuro: neurologic problems cancer patients.
Nervous system infections (meningitis, …)
Nervous system toxicity
deficiency pictures
Sleep disorders
Autonomic disorders.
Inside the unit we have the most advanced for the evaluation and treatment of patients with neurological diseases such as CT, MRI or neurosonológicas HIFU techniques techniques