Syndrome burning mouth or glossopyrosis is defined as burning or intraoral dysesthesia, which uses a daily basis for more than two hours in more than three months period without clinically apparent injury to exploration, without better explanation for another diagnosis .
It is divided into three different types according to the clinical profile.
Type 1 The patient wakes up without pain but it appears and will increase throughout the day. They not usually found associated psychological factors. It may be associated with systemic disorders such as nutritional deficiencies.
Type 2 symptoms are constant throughout the day and patients have difficulty sleeping.
Type 3 (10%): Pain is intermittent.
Patients come to different specialists until you reach the diagnosis. Usually they treated with antidepressants and sedatives with slight improvement.
It is a complex syndrome, possibly underdiagnosed, without treatment currently set and sometimes forcing patients to consult various professionals without obtaining a clear improvement or answers to your questions.
We currently have some treatments that have shown efficacy in individual patients selected after proper medical history and other entities having discarded.
Dr. Jesus Porta Etessam. March, 2016